Riverview Rustic Hickory Kitchen

In this cute bungalow, space is very dear.  We worked with the owner to put together cabinets that made the maximized storage and access while maintaining the comfortable and open feel of the room.  Rustic Hickory was selected with only the heart wood used with a Shaker Style door.  This simplifies and warms the busy look of Natural Hickory.  Finger pulls were employed in place of hardware to further simplify the look.

Space maximizing features included integrated drawer dividers, eliminating the need for a plastic tray.  Slide-outs were used in each of the cabinet areas for accessibility.  Solid maple dovetailed drawers were used with heavy-duty drawer slides.

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  1. Judith Lindsay says:

    Dustin does beautiful work. It is done when he promises it and is honest and efficient.

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